Bipartisanship can be deadly

Dear Editor:

Governor Mills kept Maine’s infection and death rates among the very lowest in the country. Her amazing performance puts her in the top tier of world leaders who amassed miraculous records in fighting the pandemic. And Governor Mills’ re-election is two years away and there’s plenty of time to tout that record. But the saddest part of Governor Mills’ record is that to keep the most amount of people alive, she had to ignore the radical, contra-indicated for a pandemic, demands of the GOP in the Maine Legislature. If Governor Mills had been bipartisan with the GOP’s hair-brained ideas — not wearing a mask, refusing social distancing — thousands of more Mainers would have died. We needed protection from the GOP as much as the virus.

GOP legislators will continue with their destructive games over the budget, but keep their deadly policies in mind: Ignore them! Bipartisanship with the GOP is deadly!

Bob Jean


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