Bipartisan Bev

Dear Editor:

I’m writing today to encourage my family and friends living in Maine Senate District 8 to support Bev Uhlenhake in her campaign to serve in the Maine Legislature. Bev is one of the most energetic and hard-working people I’ve ever met. Her service in the Brewer City Council, the Brewer High School Board of Trustees and the Rotary Club display her commitment to making the community an economically healthy and socially welcoming one.

Working productively with those who may not share your political or social views seems to come as second nature to Bev. That is a trait sorely lacking in far too many of our elected representatives today, many of whom (including Bev’s opponent) can’t even be bothered to vote to have the Legislature return to Augusta for a special session. If ever there was a time when citizens of Maine could benefit from having its elected officials listening to each other, now is the time. I have no doubt that Bev Uhlenhake would be the kind of Maine state senator we need for the challenges we face. Please consider casting your vote for Bev in November.

Doug Bunker


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