Biden the best man for the job

Dear Editor:

There was a recent large Republican celebration at the people’s White House. The main speaker was President Donald Trump. He attacked Democrats and former Vice President Joe Biden. His speech should by fact checked, fact checked, fact checked. We could use Pinocchio — when he lied, he nose grew. At the culmination of the night, there were fireworks. Who foots the bill?

In contrast, during the celebration, one in five people were not getting enough to eat. They rely on food banks, i.e., the Good Shepherd Food Bank. We are experiencing the viral pandemic. Many have lost their lives. Also, we are in a recession. All of this brings fear and consternation to fellow Americans. That said, vote into office the person who can best solve this dilemma. I believe VP Joe Biden can do the job. Vote.

Connie Pfeffer


Gabe Souza

Out & About Intern at Ellsworth American
A former editorial intern, Gabe wrote arts and feature stories for Out & About and the newspaper.

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