Beware of misinformation in Gouldsboro

Dear Editor:

Gouldsboro has been in the news most recently for many issues — from the rescheduling of voting and Town Meeting due to the town warrant not being prepared to the resignation of Police Chief Tyler Dunbar and, more recently, the resignation of the Town Manager Sherri Cox.

Perhaps the most newsworthy of all in the controversies is the disbanding of the Gouldsboro Police Department.

A citizen’s initiative and petition that was circulated has caused a large division of the population. Heated discussions were held at special selectmen’s meetings. The petition was, to wit, the disbanding of the police force and also contracting with the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement coverage. If the financial numbers are closely looked at, the contract with the HCSO must be a three-year contract, which will cost the taxpayers more than the present local law enforcement. This presented an “either or” option to be decided by the voters. Misinformation of the petition and from the person knocking on doors expecting assent gained the initiative seekers many signatures. Words were said that doubling of the mill rate would happen if the existing police force was retained.

Rosemary West


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