Belfast can do better

Dear Editor:

As I prepare to move to Belfast from a nearby town, I am dismayed to find the city council has recently given the go-head to construction of a massive fish farm. Its decision was reached independent of public input. I understand the allure of the project: the pledges to employ local workers, the prospect of residents paying, at least temporarily, lower taxes. I respectfully disagree. Also the sheer mega-scope (the largest in the world!?) of the plant is unacceptable: 33,000 tons of salmon annually as well as the strong-arm tactics used by the city. (If it’s a good idea, why force it through in a hushed manner?).

Belfast: rather than just shouting “not in my back yard,” let’s push for small, thoughtfully considered, locally beneficial development.

Please make your voices heard. Join us Local Citizens for SMART Growth: Salmon Farm on Facebook or contact [email protected].

Lew McGregor


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