Back to your burrow, Bruce

Dear Editor:

Every Feb. 2, Punxsutawney Phil leaves his burrow for a ceremonial look at his shadow. Then he returns to his hole for more rest.

Similarly, every two years Congressman Bruce Poliquin emerges from his office to gather as many photo ops as he can. Then he scuttles back to his office, locks the door and refuses to attend meetings with constituents, to meet with small groups (unless major financial backers) or to receive phone calls.

In contrast, Jared Golden, candidate for the 2nd District’s congressional seat, attends public meetings to discuss his concerns and his record. He also listens to folks in the audience, making note of their needs and concerns. His record shows that he does listen and seeks to represent every strata of our society.

Not only has Golden attended several open sessions in Ellsworth, he’s returning Sept. 20 to continue the dialogue he has established with us. He is the accessible, responsive type for representative we need.

Please join me in voting on Nov. 6 for Jared Golden.

Patricia Hollenberg


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