Arruda will get things done in Augusta

Dear Editor:

I am supporting Nathalie Arruda, Democratic Maine House candidate in the Orland/Penobscot/Prospect/Dedham/Otis area, because she will work tirelessly to address the concerns of the people in her district.

I was at the recent Orland Methodist Church bean supper sitting near Nathalie Arruda when Nathalie recognized a woman sitting across from her. Nathalie Arruda greeted her warmly, reminded this person that they had met at the Penobscot Town Meeting earlier in the year when they spoke of their shared concern about the closing of the Penobscot Nursing Home. They then spoke about the nursing home issue.

What did this short, friendly conversation say to me? That Nathalie Arruda cares, she remembers, she shares my values and she shows up.

How great it will be to have this young, hard working woman representing us in the Maine House of Representatives. Please volunteer to support Nathalie Arruda, Clean Election Democratic candidate, and vote for her in November.

Pam Person


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