Another symptom of a sick health care system

Dear Editor:

Karen Jo Young’s firing for her whistleblower revelations (EA, 9/28/17, Page 1, below the fold) is yet another sign that something is very wrong with our health care system.

Any industry that can only survive by merging, consolidating, becoming bigger and granting all power to the bean counters will end up harming the end user. Obviously, the rationale is that without these moves the industry would cease to exist. Well, of course! The design of an oligopoly requires fewer and fewer voices (read “competition,” read “whistleblowers,” “regulation”).

Without getting into the specifics of Young’s charges, it should be enough for us to know that, if the system were different, the charges would never have even been contemplated!

It’s time to take the power back from the few (the larger and larger corporate health care providers). It’s time for Medicare for all!

John Greenman


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