Anger and confusion

Dear Editor:

Over the past year I have read many passionately hateful “Letters to the Editor.” Apparently, following your heart includes being hateful.

My confession: I was a liberal, progressive, Public Radio addict. But during the election I was left feeling uninformed — even deceived — by my regular source of news. I felt the reporting I was hearing substituted thoughtfulness and context for emotion and influence. I started searching for the missing info.

Conservative radio is often inaccurate and inflammatory — but no more so than liberal programming. It also presents solid journalism, and a graciousness now lost on the Left. People willing to give credit when it’s due. I have heard commentary that struck me as being in alignment with actual reality. Not so much wishful and magical thinking.

The whole darn world is imperfect. We cannot be delivered from that. There will always be unhappiness. We will always be required to bear up under our burdens. It is your job to save yourself.

The next time you are tempted to fire off a hateful Letter to the Editor, stop and think some more. Question the stories you are told. Question the stories you tell yourself. Question the narrative that you want to drop on others. Think twice. Then think again.

Follow your heart straight into the worst trouble you have ever made. Or strap on your thinking cap. They say the pendulum swings, and I’m looking forward to the day we acknowledge how we feel, but think with our heads once again.

The art and science of journalism can easily devolve into influencing narratives. Note the new phenomenon of social influencers. Ask yourself, am I learning the whole story, or being influenced? Please seek context.

Robert Orzel


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