Angels with hidden wings

Dear Editor:

My beloved mother laid there in her hospital bed, while we were caught between the turbulence of decisions laid before us. With diminished options dealt, doctors tossing opinions and medical terminology into yearning ears, we stood in the middle of a revolving tornado. Our selfish love wanting her with us as she always had been, versus decisions we didn’t want to bear or even, for that matter, understand. We were lost. We were in shock and frightened at the setting reality we would soon lose her.

In walked the angels with hidden wings, the Northern Light Hospice volunteers. We’d heard the ads on the radio, we’d heard the name in passing conversations, but never did we stop to address them. I had never seen such compassionate and tender understanding from total strangers who walked through that hospital room door that day, when dark clouds had been rolling in on our lives. They spoke in direct but truthful words, reaching out their hands to draw our uncertainties in to a clearer realm. They made it possible for our mother to be brought home to die with dignity in the house she so loved and the home she had built for us all. They checked on her, taught us what to do to make her last days comfortable surrounded by her family and her dog. They enabled her to go quietly that afternoon into the loving arms of the Lord. As we were left sobbing in our own grief, she was free at last from the worldly pain.

In walked the Hospice volunteers again, to pick up the pieces of our broken hearts with their angelic compassion. There are no words that can be spoken to relay the gratitude to these people. They touched our lives during the hardest and most vulnerable week we endured. Like a brief but cleansing rain shower, they brought that edging sunshine peeking through the clouds. We thank these angels with hidden wings who walk among us. For those with terminally ill family, I would allow these volunteers to reach out and hold your hearts when the time comes.

Linda Malaussena


On behalf of the family of Karin Hills

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