An outstanding public servant

Dear Editor:

We have been fortunate to have been represented in the State House over the last several years by Rep. Nicole Grohoski (House District 132, Ellsworth and Trenton) and Sen. Louie Luchini (Senate District 7, much of Hancock County). Both grew up in Ellsworth, are leaders in Augusta, and have taken their legislative responsibilities very seriously. Indeed, the whole state has benefited from their initiatives and their thoroughly homeworked knowledge of issues.

So, it is a great pleasure to read that Nicole Grohoski is willing to serve in the Senate seat that Luchini recently vacated (to serve small businesses in Maine and the rest of New England). There will be a special election on June 14.

Nicole has an amazing amount of energy and willingness to hear from all citizens. She has a Maine small-business job as a professional mapmaker (highly specialized cartography for agriculture, economic development and conservation) but, in addition to legislating, makes the time to knock on people’s doors and spends as much time as the voter wants to discuss whatever is on their mind and see if she can help. For example, if she finds out that a homeowner does not know about the homestead exemption, she will give them the paperwork at their door so that they can receive the benefits of property tax reduction efforts she has supported in Augusta.

In her work as representative, Grohoski hosts frequent Saturday morning coffee sessions to welcome anyone who needs help with a state service or has an opinion they’d like to express about state government. Her canoe symbol (she is an outstanding canoeist) represents her attitude that “We’re all in this together” — so let us work to find the most practical, beneficial way to get up, down or across the rivers of issues we all face, whether we’re in education and research, fishing, restaurant and lodging or another sector. Access to affordable health care (many politicians have voted to restrict access to health care), clean air and water, affordable and reliable energy, schools that dovetail with workforce needs: Nicole knows that solutions are essential to the success of our families and businesses.

Nicole Grohoski’s local roots, her outstanding work ethic, her track record of seeking input from all voters and her intelligent grasp of issues and the practicalities of possible solutions make her an outstanding candidate to serve Hancock County as its senator. It is not easy work. Nicole, thank you for being a candidate in the June 14 special election to represent Senate District 7.

C.H. Keefe



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