An important opportunity for change

Dear Editor:

We’re less than two months away from the primary leading up to the most important election of our lives. It may sometimes have seemed that Maine had so few votes that our actions really didn’t matter much.

Boy has that changed. We have the power to potentially change the U.S. Senate from a do-nothing body rubber-stamping an incompetent and corrupt President, to the deliberative body with critical oversight responsibilities it was intended to be! We can help do that by ousting Susan Collins and replacing her with a capable, caring, experienced and energetic new senator — Sara Gideon.

As speaker of the Maine House, Sara has become known for getting people of different viewpoints to work together to get things done. She understands that she is representing the entire spectrum of Mainers. In my interactions with Sara, I’ve been very impressed with her smarts, her accessibility, her candor and her skills.

If you are interested in changing the U.S. Senate for the better, please check out the following:

If you find that info convincing, please go to to send for an absentee ballot so you can vote for Sara in the primary, sign up for some of Sara’s virtual town hall meetings (on Zoom and you can ask her questions) and send an email or text with the links to your friends, neighbors and acquaintances. These are tough times for a challenger, so we need to communicate with as many people as possible.

A. Irene Schmidt


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