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Dear Editor: If you missed Jill Goldthwait’s Sept. 17 column, “Parallel universes on display in first Senate debate,” it is well worth reading online or looking through the stack of recycling to read it.

I’ve always respected Goldthwait for her honest analysis of state politics. In this column she does not go into detail on policy but rather debate performance. Set within the first paragraphs about Gideon and Collins sparring on a number of topics including campaign funding, and the last paragraphs where she discredits Linn’s performance as a “hot mess,” lies one very enlightening paragraph about Green Independent Party candidate Lisa Savage.

I agree wholeheartedly with Goldthwait’s assessment of her performance as “earnest” and “eloquent.”

And I would add knowledgeable and prepared, not in a stump-speech manner but from the heart of a longtime teacher and an activist for universal health care, clean energy and racial justice. Not mentioned in the column is the fact that contrary to Gideon and Collins, Savage does not accept corporate funding. Goldthwait repeated Savage’s remarks that she could be selected first thanks to ranked choice voting without spoiling the chances of a second selection.

If you agree with Lisa’s positions, which promote healthier social, economic and environmental options for our country, and would like to see the dominant parties influenced by a strong showing of support for her views, please join me in voting for Lisa Savage first on the Senate ballot on Nov. 3.

Katie Greenman Orland

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