A word of thanks

Dear Editor:

This is a shout-out of thanks to the fellows who bailed us out on the Schoodic Peninsula this past week. We had taken a drive down Grindstone Road to look at some of the houses. We turned onto a dirt road thinking to loop around and head back to town. When we turned a corner we found the road blocked by construction of a new house. There was no room to turn around, so I attempted to back out. Mistake! I ended up with a wheel in the ditch. Fortunately the construction crew saw our dilemma and came to our rescue. They literally picked my car out of the ditch and we were able to make our way safely back home. It was all in a day’s work for them and we were not their first rescue either. They’ve had practice at this. So I just want to say “Thanks, guys!”

Carl Wrubel

Littleton, Mass.

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