A vote of confidence for Arruda

Dear Editor:

Listening to the candidates for local House and Senate districts at a recent forum in Orland, I was especially impressed by Nathalie Arruda’s well-informed, clearly thought-out responses to questions on current issues and challenges facing Maine and Maine citizens. While our neighbor Sherm Hutchins is well known and respected for his heritage and experience, we have an opportunity to elect a young woman who positively shines with thoughtful integrity, presence of mind, vision and dedication to creating a better future for our state, communities and families.

It is heartening to see such promising younger candidates as Nathalie Arruda, Nicole Grohoski, Sarah Pebworth, John Wombacher and Bev Uhlenhake stepping up to take the place of veteran Hancock County legislators, offering fresh perspectives, skills and solutions. I hope you will join me in making a vote of confidence in the next generation of legislators working to protect Downeast Maine’s natural and human resources and ensure a more resilient, sustainable future.


Jane Crosen Washburn


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