A true Republican?

Dear Editor:

According to Scott Van Orman, Larry Lockman is the true Republican, not Kim Rosen [“Lockman is the true Republican,” Jan. 30]. Rep. Larry Lockman of Amherst is the poster child for all that is toxic about the far right. Larry sees a boogeyman everywhere he looks and has spread his fear and paranoia for decades. Trump, LePage and Lockman all wanted us to believe there was wide-scale voter fraud, both state and nationwide. He and his ilk tried to scare people by saying there were busloads of illegal immigrants pouring into the state to vote during the 2016 election. An investigation showed all of these claims to be false. Is this a true Republican?

Lockman once stated that if a woman has the right to an abortion then men should have the right to rape. “At least the rapist’s pursuit of sexual freedom doesn’t result in anyone’s death,” said Larry in 2014. Although Lockman later apologized for his abortion/rape analogy, if you research him you will discover a long history of intolerance, hatred, lies and intimidations. He has also spread his homophobia by supporting and defending conversion therapy against gays and used AIDS as a tool to spread fear and hatred of gays, one time warning listeners that they could get AIDS from a toilet seat. This is scientifically untrue. In his letters to newspapers he has stated homosexuality is “a perverted and depraved crime against humanity.” He recently warned people that if gays were tolerated by teachers, that students would be “indoctrinated as homosexuals in schools.” This is an attack on gays and teachers with no evidence, just another boogeyman. Is this a true Republican?

Speaking of teachers, his 2019 education bill, which was soundly defeated, was an attempt to silence teachers in the discussion of controversial issues, political candidates and so on. For some reason (again, he cites no evidence), he spouts that teachers “use their classroom as bully pulpits for political, social or religious advocacy.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Again, it’s Lockman’s way of using the fear tactics to turn people against teachers and control what they say, trying to censure by imposing his ethics. Is this a true Republican?

Sen. Collins pulled her support of him during his 2018 re-election bid due to his racist comments on immigrants and vile speech about the far left and their “War on Whites” [Bangor Daily News, Feb. 1, 2018]. Spreading lies and hatred seems to be an obsession. If you research him, you will discover a long history of intolerance, hatred, lies and intimidations. Smearing reputations, name calling, pitting old Mainers against new Mainers (divide and conquer), chastising and denigrating his opponent, fellow Republican Kim Rosen (because she did something bipartisan), it becomes obvious that he uses the same vile tactics as his heroes, LePage and Trump. Is this a true Republican? Scott van Orman and Larry Lockman believe so; I do not.

Sylvia L. Tapley


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