A terrific night at the Criterion

Dear Editor:

On Sept. 6, the band River Whyless played a wonderful high-energy and heartfelt show at the Criterion Theatre in Bar Harbor. Though it was an hour away from Gouldsboro, the night still amounted to a hometown show for Sumner graduate Ryan O’Keefe, who now lives in Asheville, N.C., along with his bandmates.

The night was memorable for another reason. Two and a half years ago, Ryan’s lifelong friend and our daughter, Margot Crary, died from breast cancer. Ryan and the rest of the band, who also knew Margot, generously decided to donate the profits from the night’s music and merchandise sales to the scholarship in her name at the Simmons University School of Social Work, which she was attending at the time of her death. The total from the sales and whatever cash donations concert-goers deposited in a glass cookie jar outside the hall totaled $1,800.

Our family is extremely grateful to Ryan, Halli, Daniel and Alex for all of their combined efforts, both musical and otherwise, that resulted in these significant funds that have made their way to Simmons in Margot’s name. We also want to express our tremendous gratitude to all who attended the show and made these contributions. For anyone who was not able to be in Bar Harbor that night but wishes to donate to the Margot Willis Crary Scholarship, they can get information from Simmons at (800) 831-4284.

It was a terrific night at the Criterion. Thanks to all.

Joe Crary and Sara Willis


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