A suggestion for Woodlawn officials

Dear Editor:

As I watched with the world as Notre Dame Cathedral was burning at the start of Holy Week, it occurred that the loss of the iconic spire might provide Paris with a golden opportunity to build an “events center,” rather than restore and rebuild the historic landmark. Keep the city “relevant,” out with the old, in with the new! The cathedral, even before the fire, was in desperate need of repairs, which costs money, and lots of it. To hell with its history, it’s just an old pile of rotting wood, its beauty and history notwithstanding. A diorama will suffice to honor its past.

All that Notre Dame needs now is the vision and zeal of the director and board at Woodlawn to weigh in and get things going. Take the $700 million that has already been pledged to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral and put it instead toward a spanking new, state-of-the-art events center. With that kind of money they could make it a skyscraper. Throw in a few planks of salvageable boards from the “forest” for good measure, and voila, the sky is the limit!

Kathleen Rogers


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