A sneak peek at next year’s Oscars

Dear Editor:

And here they are, folks, my nominees for next year’s Oscars. Already! Luckily, all choices for all categories are in one film! True genius!

Best Ever Picture: “The Narcissists.”

Best Actor: Alec Baldwin as Mr. Orange.

Best Song: “Rocket Man” by Elton John.

Best Supporting Actor: Red Buttons as Mines Bigger.

Best Supporting Actress: Stephanie Clifford as Stormy Daniels.

Best Costumes: Vlad’s Put Ons.

Best Stunted Person: Anthony “Scar A Face” Mucci.

Best Script Writer: Paul Manafort (ghosting for Don “I Love Orphans” Jr.).

Best Director: Steve Bannon.

Best Producer: Harvey Weinstein.

Security provided by GUNz ’n HAMMERz, Lady Marion, CEO.

I just love this movie! All these people are such good people! And I can’t wait for the sequel! If there is still time for one.

Marjorie Yesley

Blue Hill

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