A shameful display by the EA

Dear Editor:

For shame, Ellsworth American, for shame! When you could have celebrated anything in the new year — perhaps the upcoming inauguration of Janet Mills, the first female governor of the state of Maine, a woman of outstanding ability and conscience, for instance — your front page assaults us with extensive coverage of a neo-Nazi. And the irony of this man gaining such publicity from you on the same day that all Ellsworth schools were closed because of a threat of violence hits me in the face like a bludgeon.

The assault on the consciences and sensibilities of those among us in Maine who might be Jewish, Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, Hispanic, Somali, Unitarian, et al, who find extensive coverage of a neo-Nazi abhorrent, makes this center fold story, continued inside with even more photos and foul ideas, question the integrity of your newspaper and its editorial board and staff.

Shame on you, Ellsworth American, for adding heft to such drivel. You can — and must — do better than this.

Marjorie Yesley

Blue Hill

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