A Sad Sonnet

Dear Editor:

A Sad Sonnet

Giant nappied POTUS hot-air balloon

Hovers over homeless, poor and tired.

These are not rapists, dealers, undesired;

Just moms and dads seeking better opportune.

Huddled masses just yearning to breathe free,

With babes in arms, they arrive by the scores.

Wretched refuse is what some of us see,

Unwanted aliens from distant shores.

Nappied POTUS, hot-aired and bloviated

Hovers over fam’lies, now separated

Now, this heartless floating hippoglossus

Mr. Liberty? Not, he’s our New Colossus.

And now tempest-tost homeless refugees?

All they will call you is just deportees.

[With words from Emma Lazarus, DLT, and Woody Guthrie]

Lin Parker


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