A request for Sen. Collins

Dear Editor:

Of course Sen. Susan Collins is swamped this week with countless correspondence, both supportive and vilifying. She will tend/reply to those whose views matter most to her for personal and political reasons, of course. I write to ask if she might reach across the aisle and support the request of Ms. Pelosi, through the Freedom of Information Act, to release to me and all of my fellow citizens, the full FBI report regarding its investigation of the allegations against, the testimony of and the search for evidence supporting or refuting issues relevant to Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. Surely she will agree we are entitled to see it, and anyone who bars us from that may well be rightly suspected of hiding something from those who employ them. I don’t anticipate a direct reply back from her or her office. But perhaps I’ll read of her interest in informing us, her constituents, about just what she considered in the FBI report that honestly persuaded her it was sufficient to remove her (previous) doubts about supporting the judge absent a thorough investigation.

Scott Milliken
East Blue Hill

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