A refreshing change from the daily drama

Dear Editor:

During these times of political chaos and partisanship I sometimes feel the need to distance myself from the daily drama and discord playing out on the national level. Lately I have found comfort and hope in what I observe happening on the local level right here in our corner of Maine, where neighbors and townspeople still respect and care about each other despite differences of opinion and party affiliation. I have seen this attitude embodied in Nicole Grohoski, the young woman from Ellsworth who is running as the Democratic candidate for the House District 132 seat.

This summer and fall I have had the pleasure and privilege of driving Ms. Grohoski as she knocks on doors in Ellsworth and Trenton, to introduce herself to her potential constituents in her quest to represent our area in the Maine Legislature. I have been so impressed by her ability and desire to listen with an open mind and heart to the people she speaks with — their needs and concerns have become hers as she seeks to educate herself on how best to advocate on their behalf once she is elected to the House.

Nicole Grohoski is a true leader, one who will represent our district with wisdom, intelligence, passion and integrity, and I will be voting for her with hope, pride and gratitude on Election Day. I hope you will join me.

Sara Hessler


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