A primary election puzzler

Dear Editor:

Last week, as I left my Gouldsboro polling place, I was pasted with a lapel sticker that said: “I Voted Today.”

Apparently, there was no sticker that said: “Not Allowed to Vote Today.”

Long story short: During my 50-plus years as a journalist I was more or less required as an ethical matter to be registered as an “independent” voter who had no subjective political preference. When I recently retired it was time to register as a Democrat, as I was eager to participate in the June 12 primary election. I went to the Gouldsboro town office on May 30 and completed all the requisite paperwork. Then and there, I was offered the opportunity to vote early or to take home an absentee ballot. I passed, instead looking forward to two weeks of learning more about the candidates before the June 12 primary.

When I went on June 12 to vote the Democratic primary ballot, I was told that I couldn’t vote as a Democrat. I was told that I had changed my registration on May 30, which was two days beyond the May 28 deadline to do so. I wasn’t told that at the town office two weeks earlier. Why not? Instead I was offered the option of voting then and there at the town office. Why?


Color me disenfranchised.


Tom Walsh


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