A plea for sanity and civility

Dear Editor:

An open letter to my members of Congress, Susan Collins, Jared Golden, Angus King:

I am appalled at the latest absurdity from our President, who seems to think he has the job of king or dictator. To me there is no national emergency at the southern border. Seems to me this is all theatrics playing to his bigoted base. It also occurs to me that whatever massing of petitioners there are at the border, they are seeking legal entry. How would a wall help that situation? What attention is being given to immigration policy? That seems to be the crux of the matter, the root of the problem. There is a labor shortage in our country. Businesses, nationwide, including Maine, are hurting because they can’t fill positions. Also, it seems to me that some or much of the problems immigrants run away from in their countries come from conditions that our foreign policy supports. It doesn’t make sense. When will some adults step in and address this madness? I look to you as a person of integrity who must be as bothered about these things as I am. Please do all you can to bring sanity and civility to our country. Thanks for reading this.

Ken Gleason


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