A national emergency

Dear Editor:

It seems that Donald Trump is seesawing between which master to serve: the would-be white supremacists or the president of Russia. It is no secret that the Trump administration has condoned, even ordered this abjectly cruel mistreatment of the Latinos who are fleeing to our border seeking asylum in the United States. Babies have been torn from their parents’ arms and spirited away to unknown venues or caged in virtual concentration camps without the common decency of toothbrushes or soap. Detainees have been told to get their drinking water from the toilets.

All of this barbaric treatment has aroused no hue and cry from congressional Republicans, nor have Republicans in general spoken up in opposition to Trump’s Muslim ban. One has to assume these Republicans are fully in agreement with this grossly un-American treatment. For most of our history, immigrants have been welcomed to our shores, have adapted to the American way and achieved full citizenship. Those who today wish to turn back the clock and turn America into a “white” nation are, sadly, about 200 years too late. Fie on you who think your white skin carries some special degree of importance.

As for serving the other master, Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, there seems to be no end to the changes Trump will make on no advance notice at all; for example, the canceling of the Keystone Pipeline Accord, canceling the Trans-Pacific Trading Partnership, canceling of the Iran anti-nuclear agreement, canceling the Paris Climate Accords and today throwing under the bus the Kurds, who helped us defeat ISIS.

It is almost as if Putin calls Trump and orders these one-after-another acts so harmful to America’s most precious national security. And Trump all too willingly complies. His failures result in crushing losses to our democracy. We wonder how long it will take to arouse a healthy patriotic response from the Republicans in Congress and across America.

Shirley Chase

Winter Harbor

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