A nation without leadership

Dear Editor:

I have always considered myself a moderate Republican, and the Republican Party was for those who got up and got things done (while Democrats looked to the public purse and lists of “needs” for taxpayers to fill).

On my rear bumper, a Collins sticker — slightly askew, up to the right … “upright” (get it?) Mr. Trump, on the other hand, is totally solipsistic (go look it up). How things have changed.

In this “Best of Times,” our nation is broke and the GOP, that once Grand Old Party, is doing its best to keep it that way. The debt box on the front page of this paper (6/27/2018) reads $21.2 TRILLION (as in $21,200,000,000,000), up $1.4 trillion in the last year! Come on, guys, our nation is B-R-O-K-E. And when was the last time you heard President Trump speak about our nation’s financial situation? He just keeps on cutting taxes and tweeting away.

I consider any reasonable fix unlikely under his guidance. Nay … impossible. The problem all begins with leadership. We have none!

At the top, Donald Trump, a tweeter (imagine, if you can, Abraham Lincoln tweeting the Gettysburg Address); a comic actor; a womanizer; and most critically, a liar. His lies keep a passel of fact checkers busy night and day. Good for him.

D.T., that’s for sure. What I’m left with … the DTs.

John P. Eysenbach


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