A message for Sen. Collins

Dear Editor:

Maine is fortunate to have had many great senators — Edmund Muskie, George Mitchell, William Cohen and Margaret Chase Smith, to name a few.

The common characteristics that made these senators stand out was their level of integrity and courage to put their state and their nation above their political party affiliation.

In the current highly partisan environment, we desperately need senators (and representatives) who place our state and our country above partisanship.

Our civil liberties, our Department of Justice, our national security and intelligence agencies, as well as our constitutional rights to freedom of the press, freedom of speech and right to free and open elections are under direct attack from a president who has no regard for our national security, contempt for our rule of law and disdain for our civil liberties.

Sadly, our senior senator, Susan Collins, while occasionally speaking out against the President’s misdeeds, has remained silent and inactive at a crucial time, when her voice and her actions can have a resounding effect on preserving our civil liberties, maintaining our national security (particularly regarding the safeguard of our free elections) and respecting our rule of law, all of which are being seriously undermined by President Trump and his congressional allies.

My message to Sen. Collins is simple: in every action you take and every word you utter, place the best interests of our state and our nation above political partisanship.

The citizens you represent deserve nothing less.

Jonathan R. Stolley


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