A job well done

Dear Editor:

When my husband and I settled in the Ellsworth area in 1980, I did the majority of my grocery shopping at what was then Doug’s Shop and Save, located where L.L. Bean is now. When the store moved to the other side of High Street, I followed. And when it became Hannaford, I continued my patronage. Over these many years I have been truly impressed by the wonderful people who have worked so hard to make it such a pleasant and satisfying place to shop. That is especially the case these past months during Hannaford’s big renovation. It has been exciting to come in each week and see the latest department transformation but at times it can be frustrating because the locations of products change often — a necessary inconvenience. Throughout this process the store staff has remained cheerful and accommodating, and I have always found help quickly when searching for some ingredient or product. Hannaford has been incredibly proactive in bringing in extra employees to cruise the store with the sole aim of helping “lost” customers and each one has been sincere and enthusiastic in offers of assistance. Every person who works at the Ellsworth Hannaford should feel proud of how they have handled these challenging changes and I am one of many area residents who are grateful.

Sara Hessler

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