A great opportunity in District 137

Dear Editor:

We have a wonderful opportunity in Maine House District 137 to really change the ugly name calling and partisan gridlock that has been making our state government a miserable, ineffective place to work. This November, we can vote for Doug Bunker, a man who is dedicated above all to civility and making our district and our state a better place to live.

Unlike his opponent, Larry Lockman, who was described by Ben Grant as “a disturbed individual who holds some of the most abhorrent beliefs ever heard from a public official in Maine,” Doug Bunker will not use abrasive, hate-filled rhetoric against others in his own or other political parties. Doug is a respectful man who is determined to reach across the aisles to find the solutions we need to every problem that we face.

Also unlike his opponent, Doug was born and raised in Franklin, Maine. He has worked hard all his life, in traditional jobs as a clammer, raking blueberries, working in the Bucksport mill, and now as a substitute teacher and groundskeeper. He and his wife, Gail, raised a family and built their own home themselves, always painfully aware of how tough that is to do in rural Maine. He is eager to do everything he can to ensure that his children, his grandchildren and all Mainers can live here and still earn a decent living.

What exactly does Larry Lockman do for a living? He has listed himself as a “business consultant” although it has never been clear what he has actually done in that context. He says he wants to fight against the “Statehouse swamp dwellers,” including “lobbyists and other special interest groups,” yet in Wikipedia, he is described as a lobbyist himself and says he currently works for National Write Your Congressman, which is a lobbying group. Is this the pot calling the kettle black?

It is tempting to indulge in more accurate but still very negative information sharing about his opponent, but I prefer to look at the positive instead. Doug Bunker will make a great legislator for District 137 and for the state. He is not a politician; he has never run for any office before, but he is stepping up now because he wants to be part of the change we so need to see in the world. He is a thoughtful, caring, honest man who truly will make us proud again.

Laurie Fogelman


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