A good job of objective reporting

Dear Editor:

A serious, dispassionate and factual article is written by Kate Cough in her “Legacy of ‘the Commander’” article in the Ellsworth American of Jan. 3. In a fine example of “show, don’t tell” journalism, she sets before the eyes of her readers the actions and mentality of fascist thinking in that of Mr. Smith, Mr. Rockwell and their followers. Stirring up xenophobic fears and anxieties about invading rapacious dark-skinned people — Jews in their hero Adolf Hitler’s case — is a basic theme. Today, trumping up the need for a border wall protecting us from such a threat, should recall to our minds the walls once built to enclose Jews, with the deceptive signs over their gates proclaiming “Work will make you free.” Oh how history, with its calculated misinformation specialists at work, can repeat itself, if we are not vigilant.

The Rev. Alexander McCurdy III

Wayne, Pa., and East Blue Hill

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