A disgraceful display in Gouldsboro

Dear Editor:

Disgraceful. The town of Gouldsboro goes to the trouble and expense of displaying the flag of the United States on the main roads through the town, particularly the village of Prospect Harbor. A fine display of patriotism. The disgraceful part is what happens next: Nothing. The flags get worn, tattered and torn, wrapped around the staffs, hanging by a thread or fall off entirely and lay in the ditch.

My upbringing and 22 years of military service will not let this pass. Some time ago, I wrote a letter to the town selectmen about this and offered to be part of a solution. There has been no response whatsoever. I forwarded a copy of the same letter to the Gouldsboro Veterans Committee, with the same total lack of response. Just this morning, I picked yet another flag up out of the ditch, folded it respectfully and will return it to the town office.

Please, if you’re going to display the flag, do it properly and budget to maintain the display or remove them after the applicable occasion. If that’s not possible or too much trouble, then don’t display them at all.

Paul Fox
Prospect Harbor

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