A disappointing showing from Collins

Dear Editor:

Maine’s Susan Collins is a very bright lady who could be a great U.S. senator. But instead, she’s become the consummate political animal, putting partisan considerations ahead of statesmanship. Collins was on the talk show circuit last weekend slamming former FBI Director Jim Comey for publishing his book critical of our PPP (pathetic pretentious President) while the Mueller investigation is still under way. While that argument may have some validity, Collins could do America a far greater service if she had the courage to confront our asinine, incredibly dangerous president head-on. As a leader in the U.S. Senate, she is in a perfect position to lead her Republican colleagues in standing up to the almost daily abuses heaped by Donald Trump on America and the rest of the world.

It’s so unfortunate that nobody with any major credibility in the Republican ranks has the guts to face off against this tweeting tragedy. Instead, they will wait until he commits the inevitable irrevocable act that plunges our nation into some sort of catastrophic situation, and then they’ll wring their hands. And it’s all because America’s once honorable Republican Party has now become the party of Trump. Until Republicans in positions of political responsibility take a stand, the gullible millions out in the hinterlands who still see Trump as their hero will never accept the reality that he is incompetent, dangerous and self-centered, to the exclusion of everything else. The warning has got to come from some of the people they elect to office. It’s a terrible time for our country and its people, and too many of the latter don’t even want to hear it. And with her unwillingness to speak out, loudly and regularly, Susan Collins acts just like one of them.

Hugh Bowden


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