A different approach to immigration

Dear Editor:

Aside from the natives that were here before Columbus, the greatness that we claim today is from the efforts of immigrants that came before us. Rather than fault them now for leaving the horrible circumstances they left, would it not be wiser/better to use funds being used to maintain the horrors at the border to implement this simple solution for solving the problem with safe haven seekers at our southern border?

Do what was done in the ’30s when there were no jobs and our citizens were hungry and bread lines were inadequate to feed them. Bring the immigrants in to work here as done then when WPA, CCC, TVA, etc. were instituted to correct problems in the national forests, improve flood controls, repair roads and bridges, as well as improve mass transportation matters. If the $4.5 billion just appropriated to maintain the crisis were used to fund these programs, it would probably cost less than maintaining the current inhuman situation and would be beneficial for all of us.

After, say, six years of satisfactory work and education, they could then apply for citizenship.

Fred Briehl


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