A dangerous piece of propaganda

Dear Editor:

Rep. Lawrence Lockman’s commentary “Leftist indoctrination in the classroom” published in the Feb. 28 Ellsworth American was nothing more than a propaganda piece to promote Rep. Lockman’s right-wing conspiracy theory that public school teachers are poisoning young people with “anti-Christian,” “leftist” ideology.

In his commentary, Mr. Lockman slanders public school educators and administrators with baseless accusations and slick innuendos to disparage dedicated public servants, many who volunteer their time and their own resources to provide for their students.

Mr. Lockman goes even further to allege that teachers, education administrators and textbook publishers are part of some concocted, nefarious scheme to, in his words, “practice correct thinking” on subjects such as racism, gender equality and immigration policies.

Through a series of falsehoods, baseless allegations and unfair, unfounded assertions, Mr. Lockman attempts to knowingly mislead Mainers into believing that public educators are using their positions to further their “leftist” political agenda.

Making false claims and baseless accusations may be self-serving for Mr. Lockman, but it is extremely dangerous to our public educators and our children who attend public schools.  Such irresponsible behavior espoused by Rep. Lockman jeopardizes and undermines public school educators who play a crucial role in our children’s future.

Rep. Lockman’s blatant attempt to politicize public education in our state to promote his own expedient political agenda is ample reason to reject his disingenuous, phony legislative initiative (LD 589).  In fact, voters in Rep. Lockman’s district would be wise to reject the re-election of any politician who places his or her political agenda ahead of the best interests of our children and citizenry.

Jonathan Stolley


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