A dangerous and flawed endeavor

Dear Editor:

Rewriting history is a disservice to our heritage. Your editorial [“Giving honor where honor is due,” Oct. 4] is flawed as usual and misconstrues the facts.

Columbus did or is given credit for discovering America. To blame him for genocide which he did not do is regrettable. If we take this a step further with your reasoning, if we take George Washington Carver, Burpee, Stokes and various agriculture colleges, because of their work in modifying and hybridizing our food stocks to increase yield and reduce plant disease they are villains in the explosion of obesity and diabetes.

Columbus Day is but a day on the calendar. I doubt very few celebrate it or consider it a favorite holiday. If you really want to make a lasting difference, change street names to reflect our Native American history, something that local citizens and visitors will be exposed to in more than a 24-hour day once a year. There is no reason why High Street could not be renamed. There is no reason that future housing developments cannot have Indian street names.

Rewriting history is a dangerous and flawed endeavor. Russia and China rewrite their histories. We are the United States of America; we are not perfect, but we cannot sanitize our past to changing political winds.

Ronald P. Mendler


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