A dagger to the heart

Dear Editor:

In the Dec. 13 issue, The Ellsworth American, in “American energy independence,” argues, in effect, that allowing other parts of the globe to inject more carbon we have sold them into Earth’s atmosphere is merely a “tool for economic advancement.” In the editorial’s eyes, apparently, selling our fossil fuels elsewhere and further increasing the heating of the Earth as a whole is morally acceptable.

Never mind that actual fossil fuel prices, then or now, have always been an anomaly. They have never included the full economic impact of their use — the secondary costs of rising seas, violent weather, climate-induced migration, international strife, drought and starvation and unstable bedrock (Oklahoma anyone?).

No, editorials like this are daggers pointed straight at the hearts of my grandchildren, indeed, all our grandchildren. Shame on you!

The world has 10-12 years left to make the change from fossil fuels. Locally, in days our climate change denier will be gone, replaced by a governor-elect who understands the stakes and is ready to lead on the course we must calculate and then set our sails upon.

Finally, “American energy independence,” in the context of fossil fuels, is an oxymoron. Because of the secondary consequences, fossil fuel use anywhere in the world makes us quintessentially interdependent. Once the editorial staff grasps that key idea, editorials like this last will have become the last!

Hendrik D. Gideonse


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