Letters to the editor

  • Collins shows her true colors

    Dear Editor: Sen. Collins has voted against the interests of everyone in Maine except for the 1 percent. She is no moderate. She defended her vote by saying she was promised by the GOP leadership that Medicare would not be cut. Believing that was incredibly foolish. Collins not only drank the Kool-Aid, she gulped it

  • Roy Moore’s Supporters

    Dear Editor: Its not surprising to me the denial of alleged sexual predation perpetrated upon teenage girls and an underaged girl by Roy Moore and the support of him by white, male Alabamians, including members of the clergy who have gone further to demand investigations of the accusers. The countless references to his “Christianity” and

  • Tax reform and capital spending

    Dear Editor: As the editorial content of the EA related to tax reform has become a contested page worthy of the high school debate team, it’s gratifying to see community engagement and thoughtful tit for tat. Accordingly, recent dust-ups over usage of repatriated cash and excess capital resulting from a revised corporate tax rate have

  • Maine’s forgotten women

    Dear Editor: In the midst of all the recent reports of men behaving badly, most of the women have been media employees, actors or other “professional” women. What gets lost in this media feeding frenzy is that the same type of sexual harassment and assault occurs with women in blue collar jobs — waitresses, secretaries,

  • Christmas greeting from Woodlawn

    To the Editor, What fun Woodlawn had this year as Grand Marshal of the Downtown Ellsworth Christmas Parade. Thank you to Heart of Ellsworth and parade coordinator Thelma Beal for selecting us for this honor. Our thanks also go to the Ellsworth Elementary Middle School third grade teachers Torie Cronk, Lisa Backman and Judy Fraser

  • Give the gift of fitness

    Dear Editor: As the holidays draw closer, it seems natural for our thoughts to turn toward being thankful and to finding those “perfect” gifts for the people we love. Although I have been a member of Friends in Action’s Senior Fitness program for less than three months, I am very thankful that it exists in

  • Trickle-down hasn’t worked

    Dear Editor: A recent opinion on tax reform makes the point that maintaining high levels of taxation is bad because U.S. corporations won’t invest domestically … basically, that if we lower taxes then they will increase capital spending for plants, equipment, R&D and adding new employees. This is classic trickle-down economics for corporations. Does it

  • Tree of Life turns 30

    Dear Editor: This year, the Tree of Life celebrates its 30th year of operation in Blue Hill. We started as a great idea and a small operation housed in the basement of the Congregational Church. The food pantry and the thrift shop wandered around the village for a few years until we finally found our