Letters to the editor

  • The impeachment ship is foundering

    Dear Editor: The impeachment ship is foundering in the breakers of the Mueller Report. From blaming Trump election despondency for their obsessive reporting to outright denial, the old guard media is at loss to explain how their spin got “unspun” before the eyes of the nation. The old ships are taking on water. The frenzy

  • Earth Day memories

    Dear Editor: On that first Earth Day, Sunday, April 22, 1970, while the hippies were burying an eight-cylinder engine somewhere, I was walking in an Earth Day parade in downtown Miami, Fla. I was in my Army uniform. I was a newly minted PFC (private first class) on my way to my duty station in

  • Punkinville rocks

    Dear Editor: When I was a youngster growing up in Sullivan, I had to ride the school bus up a road called the Punkinville Road. There were not many houses and the pavement ended after a mile, where it turned into a dirt track. I always thought it was a dumb name for a road

  • Red flag laws are ripe for abuse

    Dear Editor: State legislators are rushing to pass unconstitutional, so-called red flag bills. These bills call for the removal of privately owned firearms on the word of another. These bills give police the authority to violate the subject’s rights under the Second, Fourth, Fifth and 15th amendments to the U.S. Constitution. These bills simply require

  • The Lucerne Hills and the spring snows

    Dear Editor: Now the Hainesville Woods may never see a smile, and the road to Stonington is really out of style.   But when the snow is wet and you’re feeling those awful chills, you really can’t beat the excitement of those Lucerne Hills.   It was April in Maine, a cruel month it can

  • Why did you make it snow?

    Dear Editor: So the seat of all knowledge, as most of you know Our post office at 11 a.m. is where you should go. It was there that I heard, though surprised I was not. The snow on last Monday, turns out it was bought. Bought by my neighbor who cleaned up her car Bought

  • Time to face facts

    Dear Editor: At some point, and very soon I hope, every last rational American is going to have to come to this conclusion: Our country is now under the control of a bona fide madman and his kowtowing congressional henchmen. Rodney L. Hanscom Holden

  • Saluting a true pioneer in vision rehabilitation

    Dear Editor: Vision Rehabilitation Therapist Awareness Week will be observed this year the week of April 14-20, to commemorate Anne Sullivan’s birthday on April 14, 1866. Anne Sullivan, a pioneer of the vision rehabilitation profession, was the teacher who worked closely with Helen Keller, to develop the skills Keller would later use as an international

  • About those Sumner numbers

    Dear Editor, Mr. Kerrigan’s letter regarding “Mr. 550” deserves clarification. There is no one person who decided the new Sumner facility needed 550 students. Enrollment projections, studies of conditions at the K-8s and work with the state Board of Education resulted in that target for the project. Indeed, preliminary suggestions from the state included consolidating

  • Could BIW lead in climate solutions?

    By Russell Wray and Robert Shetterly With the looming threat of climate change and the resulting chaos and conflict it will bring increasingly to this planet, isn’t it long past time that we began making changes in our society so we can better deal with what’s being called the Mother of All Risks? We have