Letters to the editor

  • A refreshing change from the daily drama

    Dear Editor: During these times of political chaos and partisanship I sometimes feel the need to distance myself from the daily drama and discord playing out on the national level. Lately I have found comfort and hope in what I observe happening on the local level right here in our corner of Maine, where neighbors

  • Green planning momentum powered by strong community engagement

    As part of the Ellsworth Green Planning process, the recent lively and well-attended forum on Sustainable Development focused attention on key aspects of the emerging plan as well as the significant level of public engagement. Launched in January 2017, this citizens’ initiative is creating a phased plan to make Ellsworth ‘a model green community.’  Nineteen

  • Faulkingham brings perspective, commitment

    Dear Editor: Most people know William Billy Bob Faulkingham as a local lobster fisherman, father and veteran. I was pleased to hear he is running to serve residents of House District 136 in the state Legislature because he has the perspective and commitment to stand up for our part of Maine. Tax relief, especially for

  • Kudos to Collins

    Dear Editor: At a time when heroes are increasingly defined by their defilement of democratic niceties, it is rewarding to observe the rise of Sen. Susan Collins claiming her place within the column of those who truly deserve the bestowment of this title. Refusing to bow to pressures, threats, bullying, obscene slogans and occupying protesters

  • Malaby a rare breed

    Dear Editor: Richard Malaby is a rare legislator. Term limited from the House, he is running for the open Hancock County seat in the Senate. Richard is owner and chef of the Crocker House in Hancock with a BS from Michigan and a master’s degree from Michigan State. He is running without public funding. Richard

  • Pebworth will be an effective legislator

    Dear Editor: Sarah Pebworth is the model for a citizen legislator. As a longtime resident of Blue Hill and the former owner of the Blue Hill Inn, Sarah is a Clean Election candidate who will be a great legislator. She is deeply familiar with those she will represent in the Maine Legislature: Blue Hill. Brooklin,

  • School safety a priority for Hutchins

    Dear Editor: I write this letter in support of Sherman Hutchins, who is a candidate for state representative for House District 131, which comprises the towns of Dedham, Otis, Orland, Penobscot, Stockton Springs, and Verona Island. Sherm has been a longtime resident of Penobscot. He previously served in the 114th Maine Legislature. Sherm has always

  • A defining career moment for Sen. Collins

    Dear Editor: The upcoming confirmation vote of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh will likely be the defining moment of Susan Collins’ Senate career. Ms. Collins has a historic moment to protect the reproductive rights of millions of women. Ms. Collins has the opportunity and duty to protect millions of Americans from egregious partisan politicians

  • Collins needs to consider women in Kavanaugh vote

    Dear Editor: If Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) votes to confirm Mr. Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, she will be acting against the health and welfare of about one half of our nation’s citizens: namely women! Banning access to any abortion, even to save the life of the mother or in cases of pregnancies resulting

  • Collins needs to put people over party

    Dear Editor: Anyone who viewed the historic Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee understands Ms. Blasey Ford’s reluctance to appear now. Sen. Susan Collins should not excoriate her for the demand that the FBI investigate before this credible Kavanaughty accuser testifies. The Republican Party line that the confirmation process cannot be “stalled”