Letters to the editor

  • Stimulus presents an opportunity

    Dear Editor: We now have an approved stimulus plan. Of course there is “pork,” but hopefully the economic advisors and others who provided input have crafted something that will help stabilize our economy. Friends have posted many well-thought-out ideas or concepts to support sectors including tourism, fishing and farming. I want to promote the idea

  • Flying blind

    Dear Editor: I’m certain that many Hancock County residents like myself have been taking small comfort from the daily updates of state CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah, which have thus far, shown the number of infected people in Maine to be a small number — and largely confined to southern Maine. In the numbers we’ve

  • No need to wait on reusable bags

    Dear Editor: Last week I was disappointed to learn that the Maine Legislature had voted to postpone the implementation date of the single-use carryout plastic bag ban enacted last year from April 22, 2020, to Jan. 15, 2021. I understand and respect that the reason for the delay was to ease the burden on the

  • Keep up the good work

    Dear Editor: Thank you for your work on the frontlines, keeping us informed and safe, balanced and somewhat sane. Keep safe. Keep strong. Get the job done and keep well. Annlinn Kruger Bar Harbor

  • Ready for a rest

    Dear Editor: Rest for Trees Trees are ready for a rest. For so many days they go back and forth, back and forth, Hurrying to nowhere, but being forced there, For perfect posture upon rebound from each blow. Many impacts are too fast, In these days of push and pull, push and pull. Roll with

  • Helping our neighbors

    Dear Editor: I have seen what seems to be a travel corridor for this virus bug right over my rooftop and it is all floating eastward like a milkweed seed pushed along by the wind. So I’m taking protective measures into my own hands. I attached two ladders to the rooftop and built a platform

  • Snowbirds should enter quarantine

    Dear Editor: Unless you live on the coast, you might be unaware that the snowbirds are returning early this season from New York, New Jersey and points south to escape the coronavirus. I heard these rumors, and then spoke with a person at a local grocery store filling her car with supplies. When I commented

  • Just say “no” to panic

    Dear Editor: As time goes on, I am realizing more and more how completely overblown the reaction to COVID-19 is. What if we started standing with dignity and saying “no” to panic? What if we contacted media outlets and asked them to stop spinning the same stories over and over and began broadcasting the testimonies

  • Long shutdowns will lead to recession

    Dear Editor: These college, school and business shutdowns cascading across Maine are doing far more damage to the economy than people understand. Families are scrambling to get (and afford) child care, and when they can’t they’re having to decide between staying a two-income household or going down to one income so their children have supervision.

  • A sad situation

    Dear Editor: I am amazed and saddened by the selfish runs on toilet paper and other paper products, aloe vera gel, alcohol and a bunch of other items. The shortage of those items on the shelf was not a real shortage. All the companies that produce those things were making plenty, even for an increased

  • This too shall pass

    Dear Editor: The Greeting I just bumped elbows with a friend of mine He looked so very sad So I thoughtfully told him “We will be just fine” We both looked up at the sky so blue I told him not to worry My words did comfort For he knew they were true As we

  • Selfishness not in short supply

    Dear Editor: A little bit of concern for others goes a long way, especially in times of trouble. It is regrettable to see the lack of that concern, as evidenced by the binge shopping that has been going on. County supermarkets have huge gaps on their shelves, not because of supply chain issues, but because