Letter to the editor

  • Who do you trust?

    Dear Editor: As a state representative, I can tell you that CMP is NOT telling the truth. CMP is talking out of both sides of its mouth. CMP’s army of lobbyists are back at it again, infiltrating our Maine Statehouse and subverting our democracy. What CMP says to state legislators behind closed doors is far

  • The fight continues

    Dear Editor: In 2018, while guiding a commercial raft down the Kennebec River, I first learned of CMP’s proposed transmission corridor. At a later NECEC informational session, we were essentially told the CMP corridor was a “done deal.” Since that time, our goal was to educate the public on the negative impacts of Maine’s largest-scale

  • Ship’s visit could have been different

    Dear Editor: The saying “Only the vanquished remember history” may not be entirely true, and it is definitely not when it comes to Columbus. The recent voyage of the Nao Santa Maria, a historical reproduction of the famous Santa Maria sailed by Columbus, is testament to that. Its arrival into Bucksport elicited a stream of

  • Preserve the ESA

    Dear Editor: We are writing in response to Dudley Gray’s letter “The next spotted owl” in the July 15 paper. Mr. Gray believes the Endangered Species Act (ESA) should be deauthorized and would have his readers believe that efforts to protect critically endangered right whales are really disguised attempts to put hard-working fishermen and others

  • Payback for participation trophies

    Dear Editor: The first generation of participation trophy recipients are now out in the real world. They along with their left-leaning leadership are charting new and innovative courses for America. Here is what’s come out of participation thinking. I bought some groceries. Among my purchases was a filet of haddock. It was placed on a

  • Longing for winter

    Dear Editor: There are eight dangerous ways you can turn at the intersection of routes 1A and 179, all without any traffic control present. You go east and west on Route 1A and can turn onto Shore Road or down 179 in two directions each. Other vehicles can exit Shore Road or North Street in

  • Jefferson meets Columbus

    Dear Editor: The winter before our COVID trials began, my wife and I visited Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s mountaintop estate. After touring his exquisite manor house and learning of his many impressive contributions to agriculture, architecture and of course the founding of our nation, we signed up for the Slave Tour. The docent for this tour

  • A call for level heads

    Dear Editor: The continued politicization of the debate around voting and campaign finance reforms by some in the media only further underscores the need for smart reforms. Today’s political discourse has become full of partisan bickering. And you’d be hard pressed to separate that from the dark money that floods our campaigns from out of

  • The next spotted owl

    Dear Editor: I wrote this letter to lawmakers in 1997 and it still rings true today. I am Dudley Gray of L.A. Gray Company in Hancock. We are a local hardware and building materials dealer founded in 1927. We employ approximately 35 persons and we depend on the economic health of Hancock and Washington counties

  • Missing the boat

    Dear Editor: On Thursday, my partner and I went to Bucksport’s waterfront to see the exciting educational and evocative historical reproduction of Columbus’s flagship, the Nao Santa Maria, arrive and tie up, as part of the celebration of Maine’s pandemic deferred, 200th anniversary celebration. A good crowd turned out to welcome it. And, to see

  • COVID’s forgotten victims

    Dear Editor: I would like to bring to everyone’s attention an aspect of our current COVID-19 reality that is not on most people’s radar, namely the immunosuppressed people who live in our communities. This includes one of my family members, who is currently living with her second kidney transplant. She has been fully vaccinated for

  • Always a good read

    Dear Editor: The column by Ms. [Margaret] Cruikshank about critical race theory [“In defense of critical race theory,” July 1] is the best in explaining the concept I have read or heard about. I truly appreciate learning what it means and what is being striven for. Although I get The Ellsworth American in Florida on

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