Letters to the editor

  • A question on shootings

    Dear Editor: Dear Every American: Please answer this one question: How many women/girls shot church or concert attendees, or grade school students, or high school students? Joasha Dundas Franklin

  • A poorly presented argument

    Dear Editor: Never is it a good idea to begin an argument with an ad hominem attack as Phil Grant does in his commentary [“Tax cuts are good for the economy,” Feb. 8] calling Democrats “leftists.” Nor does he win any friends or support his argument for advancing the economy by pointing vaguely at individual

  • A question of fairness

    Dear Editor: A recent commentary by Phil Grant [“Tax cuts are good for the economy,” Feb. 8] is classic textbook trickle-down economics. While not a recognized economic model, it is overly used, highly politicized and strongly supported by conservatives. Where’s the proof? The arguments for and against it have a 40-year history. While I think

  • Don’t give up the fight to protect Maine’s scenery

    Dear Editor: The rejection of Northern Pass by New Hampshire regulators puts CMP’s “Clean Energy Connect” back on the front burner. Even though CMP has stated publicly its 145-mile direct current transmission line from Coburn Gore to Lewiston has nothing to do with wind power it stretches credulity to not see a direct relationship between

  • Drilling unlikely off Maine coast

    Dear Editor: Recently new concerns have surfaced about opening the continental shelves of the United States, including Maine, to renewed exploration and possible production of oil and gas. For example, there are those in Maine who fear that oil platforms could be put off Mount Desert Island in Frenchman Bay, destroying both the scenic views

  • Embattled Trump will ultimately prevail

    Dear Editor: Marvin Ott simply has it in for Donald Trump, the man as well as the President, and has since Trump was elected. His attention-getting but politically slanted articles published in The American since then betray this, and I, like many others I’m sure, am disappointed to see an otherwise balanced, studious and articulate

  • GOP tax bill a win for everyone

    Dear Editor: The Republican tax bill has already had monumental effects on American businesses — and their employees. Since the bill’s passage, over 200 job creators have announced they are giving raises and bonuses, increasing employee benefit packages and expanding their businesses. Here in Maine, Camden National Bank recently announced it will be distributing $1,000

  • Marvin is on the money

    Dear Editor: Marvin Ott never fails to educate and inform. His Feb. 8 “Offshore” piece regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election is an absolute gem and bears re-reading. For those of us concerned with the direction this republic is taking, his observations couldn’t be more disconcerting and discerning. Rodney L. Hanscom Holden

  • Not the leadership Maine needs

    Dear Editor: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Emma Lazarus’s famous poem inscribed on the Statue of Liberty has become as much a part of our nation’s charter as the Declaration of Independence. We extend “worldwide welcome” to “the homeless, tempest-tost” out of a recognition of our common

  • Bill supports predatory lending

    Dear Editor: District 2 Rep. Poliquin just voted in favor of an act called Protecting Consumers’ Access to Credit (H.R. 3299). Sounds great, right? This is what politicians do to hide their real intent. The Center for Responsible Lending (CRL), the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) and 150 national and state organizations urged members of