Letter to the editor

  • Yes on Question 3

    Dear Editor: Food has shaped my life because I am lucky to live in a community where we feed each other. Few things are as satisfying — or as tasty! — as enjoying a meal knowing who raised it, and that they raised it with care to nurture people and soil alike. Since World War

  • Vote for Ellsworth’s long-term future

    Dear Editor: We are writing to express our support for Casey Hanson in the Ellsworth City Council election. We have known Casey as a friend, parent and community member for several years, and she has many qualities that would make her an excellent councilor. Casey understands the importance of moving our city forward with a

  • The struggle continues

    Dear Editor: The Struggle They say Afghan woman won’t be free But what seems similar to me is states ignoring Roe v. Wade, Have clinics closed and roadblocks made. Even awarding money prize to encourage folks to act as spies. With Roe v. Wade no longer strong, The struggle for women’s rights goes on. Virginia

  • Stop frivolous litigation

    Dear Editor: In the days of Empress Wu, who ruled China from 665 to 705, Chinese jurisprudence included the proviso that anyone bringing an accusation before a magistrate who failed to prove his case was punished, though it be with his head, with the same penalty that would have been suffered by the person he

  • State of the union

    Dear Editor: Once upon a time the United States of America stood out as the greatest democracy in the world, made possible with the adoption of the U. S. Constitution in 1789, a document so well constructed by our Founding Fathers that our country became the envy of the world. Today that reality has been

  • Send a message to Big Pharma

    Dear Editor: Congress is considering a bill that would allow Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices. Until now Big Pharma has lobbied against this because it would affect their soaring profits even as all of us are paying soaring prices for our prescription drugs. It is time that our voices are heard and heeded

  • The right to food is right for Maine

    Dear Editor: I am 19 years old, a new voter, and would like to voice my support for the Right to Food Amendment to Maine’s Constitution that will be on the ballot this November. The language of this resolution is clear: we all have a “natural, inherent and unalienable” right to food. As human beings,

  • LePage’s true loyalty

    Dear Editor: Paul LePage kicked off his campaign for Maine governor promising to bring a reign of terror on middle- and lower-income taxpayers by eliminating the income tax. That means Maine will rely exclusively on the ultra-regressive sales tax, which taxes middle- and lower-income taxpayers at a much higher rate of their income than if

  • Doing Mitch’s dirty work

    Dear Editor: Washington observers have wondered why Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has, uncharacteristically, not tied cooperation on raising the debt ceiling to policy demands. Now comes Maine’s own Sen. Susan Collins suggesting that Republicans might cooperate — if Democrats ditch President Biden’s entire social infrastructure agenda. At first Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy came to

  • Debt box lacking

    Dear Editor: Your front page of each issue always contains a boxed notice giving the current national debt as well as each individual’s so-called share of that debt. I’m no economist, but I find this disturbing, as it provides no explanation for the debt, and might even worry people that they or their descendants could

  • A reminder for candidates

    Dear Editor: I wrote to The Ellsworth American in 2020 reminding political campaigns that Donald Little Park, the triangle at State Street, School Street and Birch Avenue, is not city property. It has been owned and maintained by the Ellsworth Garden Club since 1949. The club is a nonprofit with 501(c)3 status and therefore is

  • A call for transparency

    Dear Editor: Island Nursing Home Director Matthew Trombley and board Chairwoman Ronda Dodge may or may not have anticipated the firestorm that descended with the recent unexpected announcement that the Deer Isle nursing home would be shut down. Not surprisingly, the community felt blindsided, upset and insistent on answers. And it deserved a full-scale effort