Letter to the editor

  • The Biden Jobs Plan

    Dear Editor: In 2017, the Congressional Budget Office estimated the Trump Tax Act 2017 bill would increase the national debt by $2.289 trillion, making the richest people and corporations richer and having no provisions in the bill to repair a road, create a job or tax to pay back this debt. Only Republicans voted for

  • Would you…

    Dear Editor: Would you remain seated in a movie theater if someone yelled “fire”? Would you still remain seated if the fire alarm started going off? Would you still remain seated if you smelled smoke? Would you still remain seated if a theater employer stood at the exit signs, opened the doors and directed you

  • A common-sense step for Maine

    Dear Editor: My parents drilled into us that the privilege of American citizenship comes with the duty to vote. Mom always said, “If you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain.” There’s a bill in the Maine Legislature now — LD 1126 — to start online voter registration (OVR) here. Here’s why I support that.

  • Shellfish program a successful team effort

    Dear Editor: I’m writing today, as chairman of the Frenchman Bay Regional Shellfish Committee, to express thanks and appreciation to the people and city of Ellsworth for their support and administration of our seven-town shellfish program these past 10-plus years. Many thanks as well to the folks and towns of Franklin, Trenton, Lamoine, Hancock, Sullivan

  • Open the door to unenrolled voters

    Dear Editor: I am pleased that the Maine Legislature has the opportunity this year to enact a law that will permit unenrolled voters the right to vote in a primary election. Pending before the Maine Legislature is LD 231, An Act to Establish Open Primaries. As a registered Republican, I have the right to vote

  • Enough is enough

    Dear Editor: My name is Lynn Arnold and I live on Turkey Farm Road in Blue Hill. This is my letter in response to last week’s article in your paper. I am a single senior who moved back to this area a year ago December from living 20 years inland. I bought a small ranch

  • Wary of proposed salmon farm

    Dear Editor: It was very disturbing to read the article on March 11 about the proposed salmon farm in Frenchman Bay. It would be good to be very wary about this proposal. We have seen similar things in the past: A company approaches a town, making promises of lots of “local” job opportunities, sustainability, the

  • Time to ban corporate campaign donations

    Dear Editor: While Maine has led the way in election reform with clean elections and ranked choice voting, we’re behind the times when it comes to corporations and campaign contributions. It’s time for Maine to join the 22 other states that ban direct contributions to candidates and to candidates’ political action committees (PACs). In Maine,

  • More harm than good

    Dear Editor: Better COVID-19 policies are needed. Why? Existing policies harm more people than does COVID-19. Victims include school-age children and working-age people. School closures, remote learning and part-time in-class instruction retard K-12 students’ academic progress. They also worsen the emotional distress characteristic of teens and young adults. Inflicting such harm on Maine’s 200,000-plus students

  • Bipartisanship can be deadly

    Dear Editor: Governor Mills kept Maine’s infection and death rates among the very lowest in the country. Her amazing performance puts her in the top tier of world leaders who amassed miraculous records in fighting the pandemic. And Governor Mills’ re-election is two years away and there’s plenty of time to tout that record. But

  • Anger and confusion

    Dear Editor: Over the past year I have read many passionately hateful “Letters to the Editor.” Apparently, following your heart includes being hateful. My confession: I was a liberal, progressive, Public Radio addict. But during the election I was left feeling uninformed — even deceived — by my regular source of news. I felt the

  • An opportunity for Trenton

    Dear Editor: The Trenton petition offers an opportunity for voters to learn what, if anything, can be done about the ever-rising education budget. It does not predict gloom and doom for our children’s education. The education budget, however, may predict gloom and doom for Trenton. It simply asks that a committee be established to draft

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