Letters to the editor

  • Problems foreign and domestic

    By Roger Bowen For someone who told the United Nations General Assembly one year ago that “We reject the ideology of globalism,” Donald Trump has broad global business interests — 119 in Turkey, 115 in China and 121 in the Philippines — and two of his three wives were born abroad. Trump likes investment opportunities

  • Pony baloney

    Dear Editor: The Breeders Cup, the richest horse race of the year, will be run on Nov. 2. Imagine my horror when I was informed by my online betting provider, Twinspires, that it would no longer do business with me because the state of Maine would not issue it the license to do so. Under

  • Please help the Kurds

    Dear Editor: Trump has done incalculable harm to Americans and to many other people. His invitation to the Turks to slaughter Syrian Kurds is especially monstrous. The internet gives information on helping the Kurds, once our allies, now our targets: 1. The Syrian Refuge Relief Fund of Global Giving. 2. Kurdish Relief Fund. Both are

  • Patriotism transcends politics

    Dear Editor: The current presidential impeachment saga is not about politics; it is about patriotism, pure and simple. It is not about political stripes; it is about the Stars and Stripes. Politicians like Sen. Susan Collins want to mislead us into thinking that impeachment is politically motivated, because they don’t want to be held accountable

  • A national emergency

    Dear Editor: It seems that Donald Trump is seesawing between which master to serve: the would-be white supremacists or the president of Russia. It is no secret that the Trump administration has condoned, even ordered this abjectly cruel mistreatment of the Latinos who are fleeing to our border seeking asylum in the United States. Babies

  • Stay informed

    Dear Editor: We have been made aware of the egregious threats coming from the White House toward illegals (trying to come to America to escape tragic conditions in their countries). Republican President Ronald W. Reagan had a moral compass. He granted amnesty to 3 million illegals. We must stay informed about Washington office holders and

  • You can help

    Dear Editor: Have you ever wanted to help people in need but thought you could never do what we do? How about wondering what you could offer to help our firefighters and rescue personnel without going into burning buildings or getting into the thick of things yourself? You don’t have to be a turnout gear

  • Roads are a mess

    Dear Editor: The bulk of the tourists have left for the season, yet huge volumes of commercial and local traffic remain, still confronted by tortured roads in Ellsworth. Regular users of Oak Street, Water Street and other roads in Ellsworth grit their teeth and shudder in their vehicles as they traverse the broken surfaces on

  • Mislabeled progressives

    Dear Editor: With all due respect to my fellow Americans, most of us simply don’t seem to know that a “liberal/progressive” is not the same thing as a “socialist.” This includes the Democratic Party candidates as well as the members of the “Squad” such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. A true “socialist” is someone

  • Talk is cheap

    Dear Editor: This is an open letter to Sens. Collins and King. Thank you both for letting me know your concerns with the climate crisis, especially as it pertains to Maine. You both seem to support curbing emissions and exploring alternative fuels … great! The problem is that while you express concerns you are both

  • Look to the trees

    Dear Editor: With the arrival of fall, our gaze soon will be averted to the foliage that yearly beckons us with its breathtaking beauty. Hopefully, however, this won’t be the first time that we have taken note of trees in recent times and of their otherworldly transformation that is occurring before our very eyes. Most

  • Plant a seed

    Dear Editor: As we begin to put our gardens to bed for the winter we begin to reflect on what went right and what went wrong this growing season. Did we meet our expectations? What should we do differently next year? What one goal should we set ourselves for next spring? At the St. Dunstan’s