Letters to the editor

  • A simple solution on plastic bags

    Dear Editor: It seems to me that the best way to tackle the issue of the ubiquitous “plastic bag” is for manufacturers to be required to make them toxin-free and biodegradable. If the federal government is incapable of enacting such a law, then it’s up to the states to do this. Here’s where the voice

  • A southern border reality check

    Dear Editor: Border guards in Arizona recently caught a drug smuggler bringing 254 pounds of fentanyl and 395 pounds of methamphetamine into the United States. The media reported that this record-breaking amount is enough for more than 100 million lethal doses of the drug, and the news was touted as proof that most of the

  • Brooklin profile lacked depth

    Dear Editor: I’ve been a subscriber to your newspaper for a long time and have great respect for it, but I have to say, as a former long-term resident of Brooklin, I was very disappointed in your “Our Town” article. Your profiles of the three people involved in the town’s activities were very interesting, but

  • RCV experiment a big swing and a miss

    Dear Editor: After all the votes were counted, Mookie Betts (Poliquin) led on the first preference with 46.3 percent to Mike Trout (Golden) with 45.6 percent and 8.1 percent for the two independents, Bond (Jose Ramirez) and Hoar (J.B. Martinez). However, as no candidate for MVP had a majority of the votes, those votes for

  • The art of redefinition

    Dear Editor: If only it were a lost art and we had left it there long ago. Its device and scheme is a plague upon our nation’s soul. So it has followed us from distant shores, infectious and diseased, to raise its ugly, bulbous head in a legislative eruption of taxation. All that you know

  • Trump has an enabler in Susan Collins

    Dear Editor: As we enter the third year of the Trump presidency, it is difficult to ignore the obvious — that Donald Trump is intellectually, mentally and morally unfit to be president of the United States. As far back as July 2017, our senior senator, Susan Collins, expressed “worry about the Trump presidency” during a

  • Congress is surrendering our freedom

    Dear Editor: The United States Congress, by a bipartisan majority, passed a series of sanctions against Russia in response to its meddling in our presidential elections. The Trump administration, after a lengthy delay, reluctantly implemented those sanctions. At the request of the Trump administration, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell worked with

  • A question of space at GSA

    Dear Editor: In the Jan. 24 article on the future of Deer Isle-Stonington High School, it was reported that “since GSA is a private school with a competitive admission process it won’t guarantee acceptance of all Deer Isle-Stonington students.” This is somewhat misleading. Though George Stevens Academy is an independent town academy, we do not

  • An exercise in civil discourse

    Dear Editor: Many of us are frustrated with what’s happening (or not happening) in Washington these days. It is not only the polarization and paralysis, but most importantly, the lack of civility in the discourse and unwillingness to listen or attempt to understand before responding. Is it possible that what’s happening in our nation’s capital

  • CMP transmission line is bad for Maine

    Dear Editor: The CMP transmission line has no climate benefits and would harm Maine’s environment. Both the western Maine region that the line would bisect and the Ellsworth area have a strong dependence on recreation and tourism, which all depend on protecting our environment and natural resources. Because of this, I was surprised and disappointed