Letters to the editor

  • Get educated on LUPC rule changes

    Dear Editor: Are you aware of the pending rule changes from the Land Use Planning Commission that will allow substantial development in previously protected territories in Hancock County? Neither was I. Over 40 people signed a petition asking the County Commissioners to hold a public hearing on this issue, and two of the three Hancock

  • Maine’s missing energy policy

    Dear Editor: The Ellsworth American’s lead editorial May 31 illustrated how its drafters have their feet planted in the first half of the 20th century — tired thinking, ignoring the real issues, praising the retiring governor’s mistaken belief that reducing cost is more important that assuring our very survival as an environmentally-defined economy and an

  • A board that will live in infamy

    Dear Editor: On May 22, I attended a meeting of the Lamoine Board of Appeals at which it delivered a decision that can at least be called an embarrassment and at most an abuse of power. It was tasked with considering an appeal of the site plan review denial by the Planning Board for the

  • President Trump and North Korea

    I spy The games of little boys at play, So let us think on little boys I Spy and Run-Sheep-Run, And love-of-fire that lingers Trouble the street the livelong day On simple and remembered joys And all is for the fun. And how to burn the fingers. And when the lads grow up in fame

  • Where love is the way

    Dear Editor: Fiery Bishop Michael Curry surprised the world in his sermon at the royal wedding. He awakened our imaginations, enkindled hope and caused our spirits to soar! “Fire and Curry in Windsor” was irresistible to one headline writer. Bishop Curry bridged chasms of time, generations, race, nationality, class, religious traditions and eras of Scripture

  • Lack of help from Hancock disappointing

    Dear Editor: This letter is in regards to the Hancock Town Meeting. The board of the Frenchman’s Bay Library was disappointed by the choice of not funding our library. The amount of $1,250 from Hancock represents 5 percent of our annual budget while 15 to 20 percent of our patrons are from Hancock. What we

  • Make America great again

    Dear Editor: Once upon a time there was a fortunate family; we’ll call them the Robinsons. They lived by the proverbial “work hard and follow the rules” rule. And, unlike many others, their hard work was rewarded. They were prosperous. They lived in the biggest house in the neighborhood, had the most stuff, drove the

  • Tunnel vision on Iran

    Dear Editor: Professor Marvin Ott’s political leanings notwithstanding, his recent observations regarding the flawed Iranian treaty identify strongly with an individual more interested in furthering a specific set of beliefs than an honest presentation of an existing issue. The insistence by President Obama to avoid Senate confirmation of this treaty along with the transfer of

  • Filling in the gaps

    Dear Editor: The May 17 issue editorializes that the House speaker controls the flow of bills, but neglects to mention that the Governor inserts bills at the last minute, so that legislators and the public won’t be aware nor have a chance to weigh in. He uses haste and secrecy — as do Mr. Poliquin

  • Luchini is a proven leader

    Dear Editor: I am writing to support Louie Luchini’s candidacy in the primary election on June 12. Louie has admirably represented the greater Ellsworth area as a state representative for four terms. He was appointed to serve as chairman of both the Ethics Committee and the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee by the House speaker,