Letters to the editor

  • A refreshing show of civility

    Dear Editor: Recently, the lack of civility has been in the news, in our minds, and we have even seen examples in our town. On Friday night, I attended the forum for Democratic and independent candidates for the Second Congressional District held at Mount Desert Island High School. Almost 200 people were there to see

  • An unfair deflection of blame

    Dear Editor: Never let a crisis go to waste because it will allow you to pass a bill that would never get passed without it. Those are the sentiments of Rahm Emanuel, former Clinton and Obama hatchet man, now mayor of Chicago. That is what the left is doing by blaming AR-15s, the NRA and

  • Arming teachers not an idea to be dismissed

    Dear Editor: In addition to the tragic loss of 14 students in Parkland, Fla., three teachers were also killed in the attack. According to CNN, Aaron Feis, 37, assistant football coach, ran toward the sound of gunshots and got in front of students to protect them; Scott Beigel, 35, a geography teacher, was shot and

  • Making the best of a tough situation

    Dear Editor: We have been under a boil-water order for a few days, while the Water Department works diligently to repair a leak in an ancient system. It is a mild reminder of how difficult life must be in many countries, in refugee camps, without clean, readily accessible water. Road, power and communication networks are

  • Marijuana legalization a common-sense step

    Dear Editor: The greatest benefit for the most people is total legalization of marijuana. Marijuana is so beneficial it needs no taxation. By this act our medicine will be affordable for anyone who wants or needs it. Outdoor grown weed does not need any pesticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers to grow. Farmers whose products test

  • “Red flag” law is needed, common sense legislation

    Dear Editor: Last Friday, the children at Ellsworth Elementary and Middle School practiced yet another lock down drill. This means my 8-year-old was locked inside a very small space with about 35 other students while teachers, staff, and law enforcement practiced for the worst case scenario. With the recent threat to Ellsworth High School still

  • Offshore wind helps protect Maine’s coasts and oceans

    Dear Editor: Maine boasts over 3,500 miles of beautiful coasts. Residents and visitors benefit from the coast by relaxing on our beaches, participating in activities like whale-watching and kayaking and enjoying lobster and other seafood in Maine. The coasts and ocean also help to support communities, from sportsmen to the tourism revenue. Mainers depend on

  • Red flag gun law would be tough on police

    Dear Editor: I hope that you are against the whole red flag gun thing. If you support it, I want you to realize that when it becomes law about two-thirds of Maine’s police force will be suspended without pay and no longer be able to carry guns. There is a large portion of the Maine

  • Bans won’t solve gun violence issue

    Dear Editor: A couple of thoughts about the recent cries for gun control in this country, especially the cries for banning certain types of guns and ammo and magazines, etc., and my mind wanders to the 418 deaths in this state last year from overdoses of opioids. It’s a number at least 10 times that

  • Beware this Trojan horse

    Dear Editor: For those who might lean toward agreeing with the “Gun control works Down Under” letter in the March 29 Ellsworth American, rest assured that firearm “research” and an expanded Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, both recommendations of the current gun control vanguard, are dog whistle codes for initial steps designed to eliminate