Lessons from the Wizard of Oz

Dear Editor:

Trump is the Strawman. The Strawman in the Wizard of Oz had no mind.

Trump has demonstrated he wanted to make America great again, but he had no idea how to do it. It was due to his lack of mind, or in current psychological jargon, lack of executive functioning ability.

The assault on the Capitol Jan. 6 is the, I hope, final example of Trump’s lack of a mind.

The rioters Trump excited and urged on had hearts the Tinman wanted. Their hearts were full of anger and rage. They had the courage the lion wanted. They got inside the Capitol Building. Once there, they had no mind. They had no idea of what to do. Fortunately for our country they did not try to take control. Instead, they acted like foolish adolescents during spring break. Woe for our democracy if Trump or the rioters had had a brain.

Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly. There is a land I dreamed of …. Did the bluebirds check if there was enough oxygen on the other side of the rainbow before they tried to fly there?

Trump dreamed of that never never land where America would be great again. He did not want to bother with the realities of people dying or seas rising.

Dorothy woke up back in Kansas. Maybe it is time for us to wake up too.

Harriet Heath

Winter Harbor

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