Leave bear management alone

Dear Editor:

The management of bears throughout the years and within the State of Maine has been an exemplary demonstration of biological and scientific driven success. With a dearth of relevant postulants and a nostalgic view of reality, this author, and others within his camp preclude the factual maintenance of this species, whose population has been maintained within the parameters of human encroachment and spiraling commercial development. The incremental increase in the bear population correlating with the passage of the proposed legislation would negatively impact individuals living in many parts of the state, but would more importantly incur a devastatingly impact upon the creatures whom these individuals profess to serve. Often, within the scope of compassion and viability, decisions are required that belie what some consider “fair.” Such is often the case within nature, whose boundaries and regulatory schemes can stir the soul with unbridled examples of violence and treachery. The continuing bear hunting program proscribed by the management officials and biologists in the past and recommended by them for the future needs to be respected and adhered to. Anything short of its continuance would negatively impact in the most severe of circumstances the current balance which has been successfully maintained, and has served the human and bear populations in the most relevant and compassionate ways possible.

Ken Fogelman