Langley’s mandate: Helping people

Dear Editor:

Brian Langley is seeking his fourth term representing Senate District 7. Previous to being elected to the Senate, Brian served one term in the House. In his legislative career, Brian has served on the Marine Resources Committee, the Taxation Committee and the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee, serving two terms as chairman. Brian brings many positive attributes to the Senate. He knows education, as he taught for many years in the culinary art department of the Hancock County Technical Center; he knows business because he operates a very successful seafood restaurant; and he knows the issues, concerns and needs of constituents.

Not only does Brian bring vast experience in the workings of state government, he also brings a legitimate interest in helping people navigate the minefields of state government. Simply stated, Brian’s most important mandate is helping people. I believe that trait of character is what is one of the most important qualities in an elected official.

I am casting my vote for Brian Langley on Nov. 8.

Michael E. Povich


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