Knowing when to quit

Dear Editor:

An unavoidable topic has finally made the news. Age and politicians don’t mix well. There should be an age limit for those older politicians who are still in power. They still think they “know it all”; they still think they know what is good for themselves and the country. Joe Biden has been described by Republicans as a walking, talking case of elder abuse. Donald Trump isn’t all that much younger. If he gets elected again, he’ll be the same age as “sleepy Joe” was when he was elected.

To several Democrats, he’s not unlike an unruly child on steroids complete with temper tantrums. Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi are just plain ancient. To them all that really matters is their vote or a no vote. All of the senior politicians have been selling themselves to the public for so long now, they don’t know how or when to quit. They’re afraid if they quit and retire no one will listen to them anyway. All they really want is to keep their jobs, have their own libraries, die in office, then lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda in that marble city by the river.

Some of today’s younger politicians are driven with the belief that they know what’s good for everyone. The wannabe presidents also think they “know it all” and can’t wait for the old-timers to move out. Like it or not, they will be running the country soon enough. Like it not, our futures are in their hands. All the old-time politicians should accept the fact their values are the realities of the past. They need to acknowledge their time is done and embrace a future that isn’t theirs.

I’m a senior citizen now. I’m having my share of senior moments now as I’m sure all of the senior politicians older than me are having. The difference being, I’m not running the country and spending money that isn’t mine. It’s time for the “old farts” to move out and let the “young punks” move in. Seventy-two is a good age limit for all politicians.

Rocky Stenger


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