Kamin for City Council

Dear Editor:

We have known Edward Mathias Kamin III for several years. We know him to be an engaging, friendly person who likes people, and we enjoy hearing him play music. We’re writing to say we endorse him for City Council. We’re both entrepreneurs with our own businesses. He worked with us this summer on a building renovation. As a craftsman his attention to detail and commitment to quality is commendable, and he is a consistent hard worker on the job. He is also an entrepreneur, bringing his wine and cider-making skills from upstate New York to our area, to start a cider business.

As a small business owner, he is committed to helping other entrepreneurs find their way to successful businesses in Ellsworth. We believe his nonpartisan outlook for Ellsworth’s small business successes will be a welcome addition to city government. We encourage you to vote as we will for Edward Mathias Kamin III for City Council on Nov. 2.

Doug and Betsy Arntzen


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