Just what Ellsworth needs

Dear Editor:

I will be voting for Edward Mathias Kamin III for City Council in the Nov. 2 election and I encourage readers to do so as well. E. Mathias Kamin will be able to represent diverse segments of Ellsworth’s growing population through nonpartisanship, inclusiveness and forward thinking. Kamin values working with others, building bridges for improved communication and collaboration among people of all walks of life.

Kamin’s grandmother was born and raised in Maine, and he has chosen to return to Maine, where his ancestral roots are making his home in the city of Ellsworth and creating his livelihood as an independent businessman. He is engaged and involved in his community, participating in projects with Heart of Ellsworth and serving as a board member at The Eagle’s Nest. He recognizes the vital need to increase affordable housing, to increase the number of downtown businesses and to improve Ellsworth’s vibrancy with sustainable growth. In my conversations with him, he has been enthusiastic about giving his talents and energy in serving the community.

I am happy to endorse Edward Mathias Kamin as an engaged and involved Ellsworth citizen who will provide a voice representing the diverse people of Ellsworth. I urge you to support EMK for Ellsworth City Council and allow him to help our community respond to its citizens’ needs.

Lucille Poulin


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