Just the facts, please

Dear Editor:

It is time for the inconvenient truth of full disclosure of the virtuous scribblers in editorials and letters.

There seems no “center holding” from the famous W.B. Yates poem. The past POTUS with loyal extremes. A denied insurrection made clear in the well-done hearings.

The well left of center allowed to spew blatant bias and hate openly with no intelligent reality. The well composed “pale, male and Yale” writings of a sheep in wolf’s clothing (yes), deletes that there are firearms at home, or a self-assigned hydrologist stating in programs that “…Israeli sewage flows downhill into Palestine.”

Then we have the virtuous scribbler demanding legislative laws for what most simply need to verify, building a Mcmansion while complaining about global warming, or ginning up a resume of managerial positions and authority.

Then the simple commentaries of an authoritative history professor with his bias toward the only diverse democracy in the entire Middle East. Syria? Saudi Arabia? Perhaps if his neighbor on distant Cranberry Island threatened to destroy his home, he would do and say nothing? What did Woodrow Wilson do and stand for; not a fine model?

How about putting virtue and narcissistic need aside. Let’s have some dialogue and facts.

Veritas … since 1642.

A.J. Glazer

Cape Rosier

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