Holding democracy hostage

Dear Editor:

Having failed to suppress the vote and to overturn the presidential election in the states, Republicans have so far overturned the Senate election.

By stonewalling on power sharing rules — rejecting 2008 GOP-devised rules — Minority Leader McConnell has established minority rule of the Senate committees. The new committees cannot be formed until the rules are in place. Republicans have hijacked the Senate and are holding the Legislature hostage. All to hobble the new administration.

The GOP is taking up the transition menace where the Trump administration left off. McConnell’s intransigence has given a new spin to “red menace” in making a mockery of American democracy.

American voters have spoken. The Biden Harris administration is hard at work, but through procedural machinations Republicans are blocking the will of the people. Unrepentant, undeterred and unconscionable. Dirty tricks are the defining characteristic of the GOP. Meanwhile Americans who risked death to vote are literally dying of the disease Republicans refuse to take seriously. Where is Republican Sen. Susan Collins?

Annlinn Kruger

Bar Harbor

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