Hold Collins accountable

Dear Editor:

I’m disappointed by Susan Collins both as a voter in Little Deer Isle who cares about her neighbors and on a personal level. We must hold her accountable by voting her out.

Sen. Collins has no plan for affordable health care access for our communities. In the Maine Legislature, Sara Gideon fought to expand Medicaid to 70,000 more Mainers, protected coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, like me, and took on pharmaceutical companies to lower the costs of prescription drugs for common illnesses that many Mainers suffer from.

I was also appalled when Sen. Collins gave the critical political cover and vote needed to put Justice Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court — a betrayal of Maine women and embarrassing for Maine on a national stage. We cannot trust her to stand up when it counts. She has shown us that if she has the cover, or gets marching orders, she will do whatever is best for her career longevity, her power, her money — even at the expense of Mainers, of women or the country. We deserve a senator who puts her constituents’ needs and values above special interests, personal power, money or political party blind loyalty. We deserve a senator with a spine. Like Sara Gideon.

Anna Viertel

Little Deer Isle

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