Health care distributors up to the challenge

Dear Editor:

Our state’s efforts to fend off the COVID-19 pandemic have been some of the strongest in the nation. As a state, we have done a great job helping to slow the spread and keep our residents healthy. And while I am certainly proud of the state’s efforts, we must also recognize the resilience of the nation’s health care supply chain during this unprecedented, unimaginable time.

There is no question that our doctors, nurses and first responders continue to be heroic in our fight against COVID-19. Putting their lives on the line and working around the clock, they have been unwavering in their efforts to treat patients and save lives. And helping to ensure our providers, responders, pharmacies and hospitals have the proper tools and medications are our health-care distributors.

These often unseen logistics experts are working tirelessly to mitigate any disruptions in the supply chain caused by the demands of COVID-19 and get the proper medications where they need to be — whether in the most populated areas or the most rural regions across our state. Using their expertise from previous emergencies and relationships with government officials and other parts of the supply chain, distributors adapted and kept our health care system functioning in this time of need.

This wasn’t, and still isn’t, an easy task. However, our distributors are strong and adaptable, and they are up to the challenge.

Rep. Sherm Hutchins



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