Happy New Year

With this issue of The Ellsworth American, we will close the curtain on the 165th year of publication of this newspaper, a longevity that not many American newspapers, daily or weekly, likely can match. And over every one of its 165 years, the American has done its best to observe and report the daily occurrences and events, both great and small, that help to shape the lives of the people of Ellsworth and Hancock County.

As always, the passing of one year and the dawning of another is a time both to reflect on the past and look ahead to an uncertain future. In this age of instant communication, we perhaps are more than ever aware of the calamities and catastrophes that unfold day in and day out in our global community. Some of the monumental problems confronting humanity today — desperate hunger and homelessness, endless war and violence, incessant threats of terrorism —seem so overwhelming as to be insoluble.

But even in the midst of such turmoil, we also find moments of beauty and greatness, often in the most unlikely situations. Such moments remind us that there is still much for which to be grateful, that millions of people throughout this troubled world want only to live in peace and harmony with their fellow men and women. By our own choices and actions, we can help in small ways to make the world around us a better place. So it is with a spirit of hope, even optimism, that we look ahead to the dawning of a new year.

It seems appropriate to revisit some words penned nearly three decades ago by our longtime editor and friend, James Russell Wiggins — words as pertinent today as they were in 1987: As we close Volume 165 in The Ellsworth American’s long career, we think fondly of those who have kept it going in good times and bad, through flood and fire, famine and riot, prosperity and depression, during all the long years that it has been going to press with its weekly contribution to life in Hancock County. They were proud of the little paper in their day, and we are proud of it now. We hope that what we print in it in 2016 will be worthy of its past and contribute to its future.

With the solid assurance that this sentiment cannot be misunderstood, we say to all of our readers and friends: Happy New Year!



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