Hancock County caucuses: What you need to know

Dear Editor:

Due to the changes set in motion at the 2012 Republican National Convention, Maine is allowed to have a binding caucus for president. What this means, simply, is that whoever votes at the official site and time will have a say on who our delegation will support on the first ballot at the 2016 national convention.

On March 5 in Hancock County, we will combine this caucus vote along with your town caucuses at Ellsworth High School. If you are unenrolled, you may register as a Republican at any time and vote. If you choose to do so, you can come the morning of the caucus and register there. If you are member of the Democratic Party and wish to vote, you must register very soon, as there is a deadline between when you register and can vote in this. It is a state law. The same would apply for Republicans wishing to join the Democratic Party.

This is an all-county event. We are hoping that all Hancock County towns will be involved. The times are as follows: 8-9 (a.m.) for anyone who needs to register on that morning. Voting begins at 9. Speakers commence at 10. Voting ends at noon. You can certainly come in, vote and leave, but we would prefer for you to check out your own town’s caucus.

The primary in June does not encompass the presidential run. That is for representatives, senators and county officials. This will be your only chance to vote for a presidential nominee in Maine.

For those in the Democratic Party, you are caucusing by town. There is no general caucus. Ellsworth’s will be at 1 on March 6 at Ellsworth High School. Orland, my town, will caucus on March 6 at the Orland Community Center, also at 1.

Sandra Blanchette

Hancock County Republican Chairman


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